Our Privacy Comittment
At RiverBreeze Farm Market we know how important it is to protect your personal information. Whether you are shopping with us online or in person we want to make every customer experience safe and secure. In keeping with that goal, we have developed a Privacy Policy to outline our guidelines for the collection and use of personal information by RiverBreeze Farm Market.

Privacy Policy
RiverBreeze Farm Market transmits and records only the information required to complete your order or requests for information. Requests for information are emailed directly to RiverBreeze staff and are not kept longer than necessary nor shared with any other party without expressed permission from the requester. Information (including credit card information) required to process orders is sent to RiverBreeze Farm Market staff using 128 bit SSL encryption. This is the same level of encryption that most online banking instituitions use for their clients. Credit Card numbers are kept on file until your order has been fully processed. After your order has been fully processed, your credit card information is destroyed to protect your privacy.


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